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Those of you who have had the pleasure of working with our Edinburgh accountant Kirsty will know that she has recently headed across the border to replicate her success from our Hitchin office to the cobbled streets and bag-piped delights of Edinburgh.

Bracey's Edinburgh Accountant describes her role and what Bracey's Edinburgh can offer to clients.

Bracey’s Edinburgh Accountant

So, we wanted to speak to Kirsty, Bracey’s Edinburgh Director, about how it all began and what the future holds.

Q: So, Kirsty, when did you first realise you wanted to get into the wonderful world of numbers and accountancy?

A: From a young age I’ve always been good with numbers and my dad actually suggested I should look into accountancy in my early teens. When I did, I decided that was the career path for me.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background

A: Having served my apprenticeship with a well-known local accountancy firm, I went on to remain with that practice for 5 years, building up my experience in all aspects of accounting and gaining my qualifications with the AAT and the ICAEW during that time. Once I’d qualified as a Chartered Accountant, I went on to work for a major insulation organisation as their in-house accountant, before making the move to Bracey’s Accountants in 2013.

Q: What’s your greatest achievement in your role to date?

A: The short answer is helping my clients. It might be something of a cliché, but it’s true. In my five years at Bracey’s, I have grown a sizeable portfolio with a wide-ranging client base, ensuring I always have to be on my toes! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Achieving so much success for my clients and building so many long-lasting relationships with them is the by far my greatest achievement during my time at Bracey’s.

Other aspects of my time here at Bracey’s that I take particular pride in is working with the younger members of the team. As a manager, I love it when I can see the junior members of staff just click when learning about a new aspect of the job and watching them build confidence in their own ability. And we have a great team here at Bracey’s.

Q: You’re now an Edinburgh accountant, hoorah! What do you believe you’ll bring to the area?

Well, aside from a Hertfordshire accent….

I’ve been given the fantastic opportunity and I’m hoping that I can bring a fresh approach to how people view accounting and accountants here in Edinburgh! I have always encouraged clients to keep in regular contact so that I can provide proactive advice, and this hands-on approach is something I’m keen to use here in Edinburgh. Aside from that, I’ll be bringing plenty of enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help my clients achieve their financial goals.

Q: What type of industries/companies do you enjoy working for? And why?

From start-ups to established businesses, one of the most fascinating aspects of my job is being able to work with such a wide variety of organisations from a variety of industries. I take great satisfaction spending time getting to know about a new business or industry and then using my expertise to find the best way to help that particular client.

The important things for me are ensuring that clients understand their responsibilities as a business owner, recognise what their obligations are, know how their business is performing and what the tax implications are. The relationship I have with my clients is one of the most integral part of working for Bracey’s Accountants, and it’s a key reason I’ve enjoyed working with so many different companies in a range of industries.

Q: Can you please describe what you believe Bracey’s as a brand stands for?

To me, the Bracey’s brand stands for providing the best possible customer experience to each and every one of our clients. I’ve always believed that being friendly, approachable and understanding of each individual client’s needs is a key part of the Bracey’s brand, and it’s been something I’ve been keen to pass on to the younger members of this team who have joined during my five years working for the company. The proactive and forwarding thinking service that each Bracey’s client receives is why, I think, Bracey’s has become so successful – and it’s a brand I’m proud to represent.



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