Protect your home address at Companies House

Not all of us are comfortable having our data there for the world to see. Those of us reluctant to see our home address on sites such as Companies House will be pleased by a recent change to data suppression laws. This should therefore help you remove your home address from publicly available company documents. But it will cost you.

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Protect the information that appears online

Companies House Announcement

The law has been changed to make it easier to remove your home address from the company register. This applies to company directors and others such as secretaries, people with significant control and LLP members, whose home address is publicly available on company documents.

To remove your home address, you can apply at a cost of £55 for each document you want to suppress.

You must provide an alternative correspondence address if you are still appointed to a live company, such as a current director. This will replace your home address on the public register.

If you are no longer appointed to a company, you do not need to provide an alternative address. Instead, only the first half of your postcode will be available to the public.

You cannot use this process to remove a home address if you have used it as a company’s registered office.

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Make sure people can’t see your data

What To Do Next

If you would like to take advantage of this facility you can wade through the Companies House Guidance on their website, search for “Restricting the disclosure of your information”. Or we can discuss your options and deal with the paperwork for you