Moving accountants: a simple guide for an easy transition

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The thought of moving accountants can be quite overwhelming. How will your existing provider react? What steps will you need to follow? In reality, switching couldn’t be easier and could benefit your business in the long term.

Find out how to move – and the benefits of doing so – in this essential guide. You can also reach out to our team if you have any questions at the end. 

Is moving accountants a good idea?

If you feel you’re not getting the service you deserve, it’s time to switch. Signs the relationship isn’t working include having to chase for responses to queries or receiving unhelpful and vague replies.

You should also consider moving accountants if your current provider is not keeping up with legislation changes that could limit your ability to keep up with competitors and grow. Wouldn’t you rather be cutting edge than fall behind the times?

Is your accountant:

  1. Showing little or no interest in your business and, instead, going through the motions?
  2. Failing to strategically prepare for the future and focussing on the past and present instead?
  3. Taking days to respond to important messages, meaning that you’re constantly forced to chase for responses?

If your answer to some or all of these questions is yes, it’s time to switch to an accountant who’ll make your business their first priority.

How easy is it to move accountants?

Moving accountants couldn’t be easier. You’ll need to notify your existing provider – which you can do via email if you’re not comfortable having that conversation over the phone. Typically your new accountants will take over at this point. At Bracey’s, once you’ve informed your existing provider that you want to switch, we will then contact them and handle everything – saving you time, money, and stress.

Am I allowed to change providers?

Absolutely, the choice of provider of your accounting and taxation services is entirely down to you. At best you’ll have signed a letter of engagement; but this document cannot – and should not – be used as grounds to stop you from moving accountants, even if your next set of returns are outstanding.

How do I move accountants?

Follow this simple three-step process to ensure a seamless transition:

  1. Compare at least three providers and don’t forget to read customer reviews before making your decision.
  2. Before moving accountants, tell your existing firm you’re leaving and settle any outstanding debts.
  3. Tell your existing provider which accountant you’re switching to so they know who to expect follow-up contact from.

That’s it. Your new accountant will take care of everything else – including requesting the required information for the transition, known as professional clearance.

Can I still move if I’ve already paid my accountant upfront?

There’s nothing stopping you from moving accountants – even if you’re paying by direct debit. There’s a chance that the direct debits paid have exceeded the work billed and so you could be due some money back.

When should I switch?

If you feel your accountant is holding you back, it makes to move to an accountant who can help your business move forward. Moving accountants as soon as possible should be one of your top priorities.

What could go wrong?

If you are not happy with your current accountant then addressing the situation and moving is a positive move that should improve things. Provided you’ve compared firms carefully, moving is the best course of action you could possibly take.

Will there be any disruption?

If you’ve chosen wisely, no. Your new accountants will keep disruption to an absolute minimum. You’ll also benefit from a fresh pair of eyes that could spot potential opportunities for tax savings that may have been overlooked.

Rather than leave things to chance, contact one of our experts to find out how we can help you move and keep the wheels of your business in motion. We offer a free online 30-minute consultation for us to better understand your situation. 

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