Personal Tax

Remaining compliant whilst receiving proactive advice.

What Does Bracey’s Offer?

Individuals and partnerships alike need to ensure they comply with HMRC’s requirements when it comes to tax. Our tax services don’t stop with filing a tax return, we constantly review our clients’ tax positions to identify opportunities for becoming more tax efficient.

We make proactive suggestions on how to reduce your tax bill. Often simple suggestions can make a huge difference.

Why Choose Bracey’s?

We look forward with you. Because we pride ourselves on having strong relationships with our clients, we can help you plan how to mitigate future tax liabilities. At Bracey’s you will have a dedicated account manager that will take time to understand your personal or business circumstances. Regular contact will be made so that we know of any transactions or events on the horizon which may require tax planning.

Our team of experienced staff ensure our clients file returns which are accurate and correct, to avoid unexpected tax liabilities or penalties later down the line.

When matters get more complicated our dedicated tax team are available to assist with advising on more complex transactions or planning requirements.

What Individual Services Are Available?

We have a team of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) experts available to calculate your liabilities and reduce them as far as possible when you dispose of an asset.

We also specialise in Inheritance Tax. Although daunting, planning for the inevitable is essential if you want to maximise the value left to the beneficiaries of your will.

For those requiring Self-Assessment, we have the knowledge to ensure no claims for tax relief are missed and that your tax filing requirements are met in a stress-free way.

Unfortunately, in life (and death) the majority of transactions will have some sort of tax implication. Bracey’s specialise in personal accounting Tax Planning; understanding the implications and what to expect is key so that you can put in place measures to mitigate the amount of tax payable.

At Bracey’s Accountants, we have a team of experts in their field. If you or your business are facing challenges that you feel we may be able to help with or want to know more about the service we can offer, click the link below and set up a free 30-minute online consultation call with us. We’ll ask you questions about your business or your situation and, between us, we’ll find out how we may be able to assist you in order that we can get you engaged and provide the answers and support to you that you need.

What our clients say

« Bracey’s have provided us with a whole host of advice – personal tax, PAYE, R&D claims, Corporation Tax, payroll & pensions. As with a lot of businesses, we have randomly been selected for a VAT enquiry from HMRC. This can be quite a daunting occasion for a small business but the team from Bracey’s attended our offices to offer HMRC any information they needed and they conducted themselves in a capable, unfazed manner «

Managing Director, Hertfordshire Technology Firm

« Bracey’s have dealt with a number of areas as part of my tax return including foreign exchange income, online sales, buy to let income, VAT registration, advice regarding companies house and everything else in between. Nothing has been too much trouble or too complicated. «

Gerard Sandford, LLP

« Bracey’s have been instrumental in streamlining my invoicing procedure, they are speedy with their responses, friendly and always extremely patient; which if you knew me, is really needed! Braceys have provided me with accounts/tax/invoicing and all the usual; but on top of this, advice on a whole manner of situations that arise in my business. «

Jim Erwood - Founder - Extra Time Management Ltd
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