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We deliver efficient and robust audits that provide you with real value and minimal disruption to your business.

Conducting an audit on your business can have many benefitting outcomes. You may need to satisfy compliance requirements, ensure your financial accounts are true and fair, provide assurance to current or potential investors or review your processes and controls. Depending on the size of the business or the sector in which it operates, an audit might be statutory. But even if it is not, a statutory audit can provide a business with confidence in its finances, operations, compliance, and efficiencies. 

Using a registered auditor to complete an audit of your company is a legal requirement. It offers the opportunity to gain real business advice helping you to develop and grow your business whilst at the same time identifying any issues and areas in which you can save money.

Bracey’s have a team of expert auditors that can carry out both statutory and non-statutory audits across a wide range of sectors, especially those that have specific industry requirements. Whether you are a business that has statutory audit requirements, belongs to a group and either requires a component or group/lead audit or would like to execute a non-statutory audit to better understand the health of your business, Bracey’s can deliver effective and timely audits that will result in independent advice to help your business grow and expand.

Services we offer

Statutory Audit Services

Tailored Audits

Specialist Audits

Group Audits

No matter your company size, if you are part of a larger group whether in the Uk or outside, you are likely required to have a statutory audit of your financial statements. We have experience in acting as both component and lead auditors within a group. The rules can be quite confusing, contact us for a review of your obligations.

Specialist services

Our knowledge and expertise enable us to provide you with a tailored audit specific to your needs, to maximise the benefit to your business and objectives. We work closely with your business to tailor these carefully for your business and needs. We offer other specialist audits specific to industries, for example, SRA audits. Enquire for more details.


Our team of experts have a vast amount of experience conducting audits across a number of different businesses that operate in various sectors:

  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Travel

How we work

We approach every audit with three key beliefs; Simplicity, Minimal Disruption, and Communication Excellence. In order to achieve this we start by breaking our audit process into a series of simple steps:



Close Down

Audit Report

Tailored Planning

Before we get started carrying out the audit, we focus our time to understand your business, from objectives all the way to procedures. Planning is the key process in any audit and we take the time to consider all aspects of your business specific to you and your industry in understanding your business, how it operates and its industry. We plan a risk-based audit that focuses on risk areas and provides assurance on your financial statements.


In the planning step, we will set out how we conduct the audit with minimum disruption. We know your staff have plenty of other priorities, so when we are conducting the audit we keep things simple and ensure communication is as seamless as possible.

Close Down

This is where we summarise the work undertaken and the findings. These matters will be discussed during the course of the audit as it progresses but this enables us to collectively reflect on the audit and discuss findings and observations to close the audit down and provide you with value from the audit work undertaken where appropriate.

Audit Report

Once all matters are resolved we will issue an appropriate audit report and the financial statements filed.

Work with us

If you need auditors, Bracey’s is the place to come. Our Audit team of qualified ICAEW and ACCA staff can advise you on the latest and most pertinent legislative changes that are likely to impact your industry and your business. Plus the continuity of our audit team ensures that the maximum time is spent on delivering a professional service to a realistic timetable with minimal disruption. Our team is headed up by Emma Fraser, our Audit Director. If you would like to discuss your voluntary, statutory or compliance audit requirements then book a preliminary free 30-minute consultation with Emma through the link below. Alternatively, you can email or call 01462 413249.

Registered to carry on audit work in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at, under reference number C005914929.

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