Franchise Opportunities

Are you ambitious, motivated and keen to run your own accountancy practice? If so, we have a formula that works. Our Franchise opportunities give you the support you need to successfully launch and grow a firm as part of an established brand.

Be part of the Bracey’s brand

Bracey’s offer an opportunity to partner with us on a franchise model in order that you can enhance your current practice through re-branding or set up your own practice under our start up franchising model.

Franchising provides you with the opportunity to be part of something much larger from the outset. Franchising gives you access to trade from a brand which has been established for a long period of time which in turn means that prospective clients will have greater confidence in your service and will therefore be more confident to sign up with you.

An opportunity to run your business with support

Taking a franchise isn’t for everyone, it still requires significant amounts of hard work to get your business going. However, you aren’t on your own, you have the back up of a large team of professionals with multiple experiences and knowledge to help you provide the best services to your clients and ultimately assist you in generating a larger profit in a quicker amount of time.

The Braceys Franchise model is suitable for existing practices who wish to rebrand and join a larger network of offices or for individuals who are qualified accountants and who have been working in a UK practice for a period of time and who have a desire to start up on their own but don’t wish to become just another one man band practice but want to give your business the kick start it deserves.

Grow as part of an established brand and reap the benefits

  • Talented and trained staff available when you need them
  • Established and trusted brand
  • Software and telephone system
  • New practice PR and marketing launch package
  • Lead generation marketing for your firm
  • Lead tracking CRM system
  • Corporate merchandise and stationary
  • Legally compliant and easy to follow Practice Management procedures

I took to the internet to begin my search for the right firm to explore opportunities with. Instantly, Bracey’s stood out from the crowd for a number of reasons: established and vibrant brand, the variety of services and professionalism.

Having met with Pete to get to know the brand, the first thing that struck me was his positive approach. Also, everything the team at Bracey’s do is solely focused on the client, the outcome and the fact it needs to be delivered by an expert team.

It became a very simple decision to join the Bracey’s set up and form an associate practice. I was able to hit the ground running with a fantastic infrastructure already in place. In my early days, every single member of the Bracey’s team helped me in some way through support and advice. The software was carefully selected, easy to use and the staff all well-trained, sharing tips and advice.

When starting up, it’s not just about being a good accountant, you must wear many hats and become finance, marketing, sales manager and administrator all in one go! However, the processes in place at Bracey’s were robust and easy to adopt so these areas became far easier to manage. Successful marketing and support are already in place and you quickly feel the support and encouragement for you to succeed under the Bracey’s banner.

All of these reassurances helped me to make the early days of Bracey’s Hemel Hempstead a successful one and I am glad to be part of this network.


Graham Booth – Hemel Hempstead Office

How To Get Started

We believe in being honest, upfront and transparent across every aspect of our business. So, if you’re reading this information and can’t wait to find out more, just email your CV and any information you think we should know to

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