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We like to keep ahead of the curve wherever we can – whether that’s technological advances, legislation, or just what’s happening in accounting. Then share it all as free advice on our blog page.

View VAT Changes For Importers

VAT Changes For Importers

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, there are key VAT changes for importers of goods into the UK. HMRC currently use Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) to issue C79’s so that companies can reclaim import VAT on their VAT returns. From 22:59 ON 31 October 2019, this will no longer happen….

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View How Much Tax Do You Pay On Your Dividends?

How Much Tax Do You Pay On Your Dividends?

If you own a small limited company your shares entitle you to draw a return on your shareholding – in common parlance these returns are called dividends. So, when do you receive your dividends, and how much tax do you have to pay? When Does A Shareholder Recieve Dividends? A company can only pay dividends…

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View Does Your Employer Pay For Your Private Petrol?

Does Your Employer Pay For Your Private Petrol?

A reminder that you can avoid the hefty car fuel benefit charge if you drive a company car and your employer pays for your private fuel. One way to achieve this is to repay your company for the private petrol provided. Possible Tax Charge Many employers have an arrangement with their company car drivers to…

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View Unclaimed Estates: Who Is Entitled To A Share?

Unclaimed Estates: Who Is Entitled To A Share?

There is nothing more intriguing than the notion we may be due untold riches from undisclosed sources. For example, do you have any premium bonds, and did you notify the registrar the last time you moved to a new house? Do The Government Hold Unclaimed Estates? Did you know that the estates of deceased persons…

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View Do You Have A December Year-End?

Do You Have A December Year-End?

December is probably the second most popular trading year-end for businesses; the most popular being the 31 March. Finding Opportunities Your end of year planning should include a review of your results – prior to your year end – so that there is an opportunity to make any advantageous changes. From our perspective, there is…

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View VAT Domestic Reverse Charge | Construction

VAT Domestic Reverse Charge | Construction

Just one month to go until the so-called “Domestic Reverse Charge” will apply to VAT-registered traders who are also registered to use the Construction Industry Scheme. Who’s Paying The VAT Bill? There has been an awful lot of commentary in the press claiming that from 1st October, building contractors will be lumbered with paying their…

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View Tax-Free Annual Party

Tax-Free Annual Party

Looking forward to the forthcoming end-of-year and Christmas celebrations? We could all do with a bit of festive cheer, so you may find the following article useful: it sets out the rules and regulations that qualify such events for a tax-free party: no benefits in kind, tax or NIC consequences. Tax Deductible Celebrations The cost…

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View Direct Marketing Director Punished By ICO

Direct Marketing Director Punished By ICO

If your company engages in direct marketing, you may want to consider the following case published by the Insolvency Service: 110,000 Unsolicited Marketing Calls A property renovation boss who caused his company to make more than 110,000 unsolicited marketing calls has been banned for five years. From its incorporation in August 2015, the company relied…

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View How Fit Is Your Business?

How Fit Is Your Business?

In much the same way that we make judgements about our personal fitness: are we overweight, do we get enough exercise, do we eat the right food; similar judgements can be made about your business. Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail There is also a raft of external pressures that we have to consider as…

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