Local Authority Grants | Registration Forms

As local authorities work to deliver grants of £10,000 or £25,000, we have noticed that new pages are appearing on their websites.

Some have already put application/registration forms on their website to no doubt manage the influx of requests and outline criteria for the support. Below we have listed the addresses of local authorities, some of whom have added forms and some who are yet to do so.

Local Authority Website Links – Update 25th March 2020


City of Edinburgh



East Lothian


North Herts  – (online application)

Stevenage – (online application)

Stevenage – (information page with a link to online application)

Bedford – (online application)

Milton Keynes – (no application form)

North Devon – (no application form)

Mid-Devon – (no application form)

East-Devon – (no application form)

West-Devon – (no application form)

Dorset – (no application form)

Slough – (no application form)

Dacorum – (no application form)

Central Beds – (online application)

Welwyn Hatfield – (no application form)

East Hampshire – (no application form)

South Cambs – (no application form)

East Herts – (online form)

East Herts – (info page)

If you need help in applying for a grant or would like advice on financing for your business, contact our team today.


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